Bully Andrew is a bully at the High School, he habgs out with his friends and plays football, hockey, and anyother sport that evolves beating up people. He is the second leader of his jock team and just loves to beat up the teenagers.

Bully Andrew

Years as a Bully

He began his years as a bully when he was nine years old it was fun for him to bully everyone that he met.

High School

He is a bully at the high school. He loves to cause harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation. He hangs out with his friends and he does bad on tests, he never does his homework, and he interrupts during class time. He loves to start food fights and during those food fights his hits people with the cafeteria tray sometimes.

Joining the Football team

He joined the football team in ninth grade. He plays center field and is great at doing it.

Getting a car

Later he decided to get a car because he wanted to drive his girlfriend around. When he finally got it he was proud and he drove his girlfriend to all sorts of places like the movies and out to eat at restauraunts.