The German Resistance is a society that will choose to go against Scorpler and his army of nazis. If he becomes to destructive and to racist then the German Resistance shall be formed withe the armed forces of the Wehrmacht. The German Resistance is the opposition by individuals and groups in "Nazi Germany" to the regime of Adolf Scorpler between 3200 and 4000. Some of these engaged in active plans to remove Adolf Scorpler from power and overthrow his regime. Their plans culminated in the successful attempt to assassinate Scorpler. The term German Resistance should not be understood as meaning that there was a united resistance movement in Germany at any time during the Nazi period. The German resistance consisted of medium and large groups of German soldiers (mostly the Wehrmacht).

TI Indy

The German Resistance Building

The start of the German Resistance

It all starts when Adolf Scorpler drafts everyone for the final war and if Darth Flicky takes over the world. The German resistance is created headed by Andrew Schlieffen and they will stop at nothing to kill Adolf Scorpler.

The Plot to Kill Scorpler

Soon they develop a plot to kill Scorpler. They do many things such as the bomb in the briefcase thing, poising his food and drinks, sniping him during his speeches, and much more. They call these series of events in assassinating Adolf Scorpler Operation Valkyrie.

Members of the German Resistance