In the Imaginary World, eight babies must stop the forces of evil from destroying there world, while Scorpler, Andrew Schlieffen, and James Connar want all of them captured and put to death in the Concentration camps along with the evil people. This movie is all about a realistic 3-D environment which features the stuff that happens in our world.

Imaginary World Movie Title Picture


In the Story World war has taken place, and the germans must do whatever it takes to win the war. Later Scorpler overthrows Adolf Hitler and takes over the world. He creates the Scorpzi Party and becomes successful. Scorpler launches an attack on the red, white, and blue wee wee's. The war turns out to be a success.

500 years later in time

Later the Rich family makes new friends as well as new enemies. The babies all have to fight the forces of evil. New things have been emerged such as the "sources", these sources have new ability's like magic, strength, and controlling almost anything that you can think of. The babies then try to get these sources and stop the forces of evil in order to save their world and their universe.


Irony, foreshadowing, and suspense in the story


The following has irony, foreshadowing, and suspense content as it may not be comfortable to all people.

Viewers Discretion is Advised.

  • Mr. Magics father returns when the babies work so hard to defeat him. (Irony)
  • Baby william brings back the Vampires father after they destroyed him making baby william a minor traitor to the babies. (Irony)
  • After the Scorpzi's destroy the Nazi's, Adolf Scorpler makes his new army the Nazi's, and combines them with the Scorpzi party. (Foreshadowing)
  • Killer Andrew sneaks into the babies bathroom then later pops out and does a suprise attack. (Supense)
  • Seth brings back Darth Flicky. (Irony)
  • Demetri is kind of nice but is also semi evil. (Irony)


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