Teenager Andrew is a really famous character in the imaginary world. He is funny, serious, and kind. He gets into conflicts and fights only when someone hurts his girlfriends or insults him. He has many jobs and he is good at them all.

Teenager Andrew with Teenager Flicky


Teenager Andrew has five Careers

Motorcycle stunt man

Teenager Andrew spends every weekend practicing on his motorcycle. He does cool tricks such as ollies, front flips, back flips, and many more. He goes to tournaments at mortorcycle stadiums to perform every month.


Teenager Andrew races just like on nascar. His car is the number 24 race car. He takes good care of it and races every month in tournaments. He gets first place, second place, and third place.

Teenager Andrew's Race car


Teenager Andrew Skate boards almost everyday except for on the weekends. He practices hard and participates in tournaments.

Rock Star

Teenager Andrew is also a rock star. He plays the drums, guitar, and lead sings. He is not as good as Teenager William though on the guitar.

Movie Star

Teenager Andrew is also a movie star. He participates in the movies of action, adventure, drama, and family. He gets the lead role every time. He never walked the red carpet yet but he hopes to do so on new years eve. If he does do it on new years eve there will be a red carpet area.