He plays the electric guitar.He is kind and kinda mean.He knows lots of solos.He kinda likes kids because sometimes there stupid and mean.He kinda hates John Rich because he is very strict and mean to his children.He is richer then the government.

Adult William

Rock God

How he became a Rock star

He became a rock star by watching the scorpions and hearing there music he was enspired by them, so he decided to become a rock star.

Getting a new Band

He got a new band and named his band. They practiced every day and he got very good, he was able to play solos and later he decided to create some solos of his own. He and his band soon began to perform in tournaments and at concerts and everyone loved him.

Becoming famous

Soon he was famous, he played at tournaments and at concerts and he was as famous as the scorpions. When he played one of his best songs everyone cheered for him. Soon when he performed for more tournaments he got rich and he made up to ten million dollars.

The battle of the Bands

He then played at a Williams stadium and he challenged the scorpions. The tournament lasted two hours and he played through the fire and the flames and operation ground and pound. The scorpions played there best songs, but unfortunately, William lost the battle.

A new life

Moving in

Later he decided to move in with the rich family. He made new friends and he had a wife named Sara, and two children named Baby William and Baby Sara.